Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blast from the Past

My poor friend, Kevin, has said he is going through withdrawals since I'm so abysmally undisciplined in blogging. Hey! I've been busy! Get off my back! So, I recently stumbled upon a forgotten blog I had written in 2006 and thought I'd share some retro blogging while my current blogging mojo is recharging. I'll add a few of the "best of" over the next few days. To start:

Bowling with Bumpers August 26, 2006
So last night I went bowling with my son and a friend of his. Although my son is on the cusp of 11, he's probably only bowled 5 times in his life so we decided to use the bumpers. You know, those rails that guard the gutters so you're virtually guaranteed at least one pin?

Could anything be more humiliating than losing to my son using bumpers?

Well, perhaps not even breaking 100.

Still, it was fun, and in my defense I was bowling right handed (I'm left handed and my left wrist seems a little whacked out, getting old, sigh). Although to be honest, I wouldn't have bowled much better with my left hand.

We played two games and during the first game we were the best, most attentive cheerleaders to whichever of us was bowling. Then, during the second game the boys got distracted by one of those crane know where you manipulate the crane to try to snag stuffed animals? So, when they weren't bowling they were clustered around this machine, feeding it quarters.

Which meant I lost my cheerleaders. Not only did this negatively impact my score (I mean, really, bowling is meant to be a shared event) but I realized during one of my approaches as I was eyeing the kingpin with steely determination, positioning myself on the boards, being the ball, that, to the casual observer I looked like an adult bowling alone. With bumpers.

As if that wasn't enough damage to my dignity I came in third with a score of 78.

So, that's my night-life here in Colorado Springs.

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